Place Teleportation?

31 Jul

On July 22nd, 2011 ROBLOX announced on their blog about something called Place Teleportation. Here is what it said:

It has been a long journey, people. A long journey. In the beginning, there was no notion of space (or spaces) in ROBLOX. When I joined the company in June 2006, the only playable place there was Crossroads. Then we allowed the users to host their own multiplayer instances: independent worlds of their own design; shards of a larger reality. This momentous decision lead to the creation of universe that is, in a very real way, infinite. New games are being uploaded to faster than you can load them. You will never see them all. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Teleportation: an ethereal link between two distant locales, ignorant of the base substrate of the ROBLOX website. The fractured infinity of the ROBLOX universe will be made whole again. The space between our worlds has been annihilated.

Teleportation for Beginners


  1. First, grab a copy of the Teleporter model.
  2. This will make it appear in the “My Models” section of the Insert Panel in ROBLOX Studio
  3. Insert a teleporter wherever you want in your level
  4. By default, this teleporter goes nowhere. You need to configure it so it knows where to send people! See directions for this step below…
  5. Congratulations! You have a teleporter that will send people from level A to level B.
  6. For best results, place a second teleporter in level B that allows your players to return to level A. Without bidirectional teleporters, ROBLOXians can easily get lost!

So basically,  the teleporter teleports the player from Point A (Place1) to Point B (Place2) and if Place2 has a teleport and it’s linked back, the user can travel back to Place1. Some ROBLOXians have already made this better, by making GUI’s, even a place called the “Place Catalog” where you can select any game in a catalog way. Links will be at the end of the post. In my opinion, this seems useful but stupid too. It’s a good thing because you can visit another place without having to exit out, then find the game. A bad thing about this is I think it may require the place ID which is stupid since you are already at the game page and you could just press play. The model ROBLOX made is just a teleporter that takes you from Point A to Point B but it requires some knowledge in Studio. So, if you think this is cool or bad, leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!



Place Catalog:

New Items!

31 Jul

Hello there ROBLOXians. If you still read my blog, congrats because now I am going to continue updating for a while. ROBLOX just released these new items today:

Two are limited but one has sold out, but you may be able to get the 2nd one still! I will add new post when a new item comes out so you will be able to know almost right away! Thanks for reading and make sure to suscribe to my YouTube DimLightable where I add ROBLOX, COD, and more types of videos there!

Should I Continue?

31 Jul

I haven’t probally posted something in almost a year, but I decided I wanted to try coming back. ROBLOX  Blogging isn’t as easy as Club Penguin blogging was, there it was just one thing not a bunch of different things. Maybe I should do a weekly place review of the readers’ choice or review new items/news. I want to do SOMETHING with my blog.

New Users

27 Nov

Hey there ROBLOXians! Just to remind you quickly that I am still looking for people to add. You must have a wordpress account to be eligable. Please welcome chris115a to the blog, he will be helping me out! Bye for now! 😀

Happy Thanksgiving ROBLOX!

25 Nov

Hey ROBLOXians! I just want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Remember, if you want to work for my blog please message my ROBLOX inbox (Iceball1997) or leave a comment!

Black Friday on ROBLOX?

25 Nov

Yes ROBLOXians, Black Friday is officially coming to ROBLOX! But what does Black Friday mean for us? Read the post about it!

ROBLOX is planning an unprecedented item sale this Friday, after Thanksgiving. Their sale will feature two parts:

1. Four “doorbuster” items, one selling every hour from 4-8 AM PST (7-11 AM EST). These will be new highly collectible, limited supply items that are priced to move.

2. Ten “classic” ROBLOX items, that will be available for 24 hours at 50% off.

But WAIT, there’s more! The ten items that we sell 50% will be voted on by YOU, right now. Select from the following list the item you would most like to have go on sale. The top 10 items with the most votes will all be put on sale for 24 hours!

If you view the post, the poll has closed but the 10 items that will be sold are: Silverthorn Antlers (1,455 votes), Blue Plaid Fedora (1,481 votes), Xenotargeting Oculus (1,063 votes) , Black Shutter Shades (906 votes), Happy Time Magic Flower Hat (790 votes), ASCII White (687 votes), Air Force Helmet (389 votes), Sir Burnsalot (320 votes), Alien Airbreather (295 votes), and Sombrero (241 votes)

These might be the ones, but I could have missed one. Here are some pictures of the sale items:

These are the 3 most popular items! Make sure to save your cash because most of these items are not cheap. The Blue Plaid Fedora is 1,337 bux currently so take 50% off… that’s about 600 or more bux ONLY. The Shutter Shades are 500 bux so, some easy math here tells you they’re 250 bux ONLY. Enjoy the new blog and I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving! Also, Happy Black Friday! I’ll be up trying to get some good items… I better get a prepaid card for bux so I can afford this :/. Good luck!

Help Wanted

24 Nov

Do you LOVE ROBLOX? Are you a good wordpress blogger, picture taker, or designer? This may be a chance of a lifetime for you then! Message my ROBLOX inbox (Iceball1997) or comment below if you are interested.